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In the NordVPN test by independent experts, it turned out that the company founders have built a secure as well as stable VPN network with the help of experienced employees. In terms of quality and offer, this can stand up to the usual VPNs. File sharing as well as streaming of videos or movies is possible at a high speed. Even servers in Asia or North America still offer acceptable bandwidth values.

At first glance, the VPN seems to meet many user requirements (see also VPN provider comparison: Find cheap VPNs). On the one hand, there is a large network that consists of more than 5,433 servers in over 59 countries. Just one look at the software reveals that there are several categories for torrents, streaming as well as additional security.

Consumers benefit from strong encryption alongside this, which is provided at 256-bit. The encoding is used in combination with VPN protocols that are considered secure, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec. The service is integrated in an intuitive software. This offers even beginners some possibilities through a user-friendly interface. Customers are protected from being tracked down by unauthorized third parties, as clearing is carried out by a branch office in Cyprus. Users are no longer able to pay via PayPal. However, transferring money through locally based payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung is possible.

The operator NordVPN is a modern technology company. The VPN offered is well-suited for sharing files on the P2P network via torrents, for streaming content from some providers, and for performing many other actions. For this, users are provided with a connection with a high speed.

Services of NordVPN at a glance

The provider NordVPN has proven in the test that this company has built a noteworthy network. The company offers some good and fast VPN servers. The configuration options provided make it easier for users to improve anonymity on the network. Moreover, there are preferred connections to the US. This is especially an advantage for users who frequently want to stream content from America or other countries.

NordVPN servers are selectable in these countries, among others: VPN servers available in Germany, France, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom (UK) and USA.

Streaming servers for TV, video and other media content are available in the US and Canada. Through additional leased lines to Europe, the VPN achieves surprisingly high speeds between the continents. The operator also maintains so-called “multi-hop VPN” connections.

These exist between different countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, Lithuania and Estonia, Russia and the Netherlands, and Canada and the USA. This type of connection gives users a high degree of anonymity. The client logs on to two different locations in succession, and the last server selected only knows the data of the previous server.

Users of NordVPN can choose among the configured multi-hop connections and thus ensure even better anonymity. Furthermore, differently selectable TOR options provide for an improved anonymous connection. These are available in Latvia, Sweden and Japan. The fact that the first TOR access point only knows the IP address of the previous identity also comes into play here. Users are thus doubly protected against spying.

Is NordVPN free of charge?

NordVPN is not available for free. However, customers can currently benefit from the low-cost 3-year subscriber. When you sign a 3-year contract, you get three months for free in addition to a low-cost price offer. Included in the package is a free password manager contract. This is also included in the 3-year NordVPN subscription as well as in the respective extension. With NordPass, users can also forget their password stress forever.

NordVPN offers different packages that users can book for a fee. After booking one of the subscriptions, customers have the option to withdraw from the contract after one month free of charge through the 30-day money-back guarantee. Users of the VPN can therefore try out the offer at their leisure for a month and, if they do not like it, get rid of the subscription as well as get back the money they paid.

NordVPN offers a clear price scale. Those who book the 1-month package pay 10.87 euros per month and can cancel their contract monthly in return. In contrast, users who sign up for a 1-year package save about 41 percent of what they spend on the monthly subscription. This offer is charged at 6.36 euros monthly or 76.33 euros if paid annually.

With the 2-year contract, customers save about 58 percent from the basic price and pay 4.54 per month or 108.88 euros every two years. The exclusive price offer, the 3-year subscription is charged at a low 3.78 euros per month. Customers can also pay 114.33 euros every three years. Users save 70 percent compared to the monthly subscription and benefit from the other discounts already mentioned above.

If you always want be up to date with the NordVPN prices, read this review.

How does the installation and use of NordVPN work?

The company has launched NordVPN apps for numerous popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Tomato. Apps are available for download for popular systems like Android or iOS. In addition, the software can be installed on further end devices such as routers or flat TVs with Android operating system.

Those who use NordVPN directly on a router can connect to the Internet via the VPN on any day, 24 hours a day, using any installed application. This is a perfect solution, for users who want to connect to the Internet anonymously with different end devices such as smart TV, xBox or FireTV. The provider provides detailed installation instructions in German for all connecting devices. There are also different browser plug-ins for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Speed tests and network of NordVPN

NordVPN’s speed is considerable and sufficient to receive videos and other media content in optimal quality and without buffering. The VPN did not turn out to be the fastest available. However, the speed is sufficient for all possible connections. All NordVPN tests were conducted by recognized experts with an Internet connection of 200 megabits per second (Mbit/s).

As a result, even with a VPN connection, with a distant server such as in Australia, all content such as via Netflix is played in HD without interference. For a connection with a server in Germany, the speed drops by about 20 percent to around 160 Mbps. With servers located in other countries within the EU, the connection speed can drop to values between 20 and 40 percent, which still amounts to about 120 Mbit/s with NordVPN for the latter internet connection at hand. Users can assume that the speed is comparable to that of a location within the EU when using a server in the USA.

However, those who want to connect to a server in a faraway place like Australia or New Zealand have to expect a drop in speed of up to 80 percent. However, a 40 Mbit/s fast VPN line is still usable in the test – read more here.

How is the server covered?

NordVPN offers one of the most impressive networks of servers available for VPNs on the market. There are over 200 servers to choose from in Germany alone. Customers can choose the desired server manually. However, there is also an internal algorithm that automatically selects the most suitable location. Various factors are taken into account in the selection process, such as location. Utilization as well as the given requirements like security protocol or type of the server.

In addition, some special servers are offered:

  • dedicated IP servers – providing a dedicated IP
  • obfuscated servers – for servers in countries with strong censorship like China
  • P2P servers – optimized for P2P file sharing, without log files or bandwidth limitations
  • “Onion over VPN” servers – for maximum anonymity
  • Double VPN servers – traffic is routed through two different servers with double encryption of user data

How fast is NordVPN?

How fast is NordVPN?The NordVPN test showed that the speed also depends on the selected location. Measurements with NordVPN at a location in Great Britain (UK) showed a ping speed of about 4 seconds. Testers had to accept a speed reduction of only about 20 percent of the conventional Internet connection during download. For uploads, it was about a 25 percent loss. Similar results were found for servers located in France as well as Spain.

What payment options are offered by NordVPN?

NordVPN accepts several common payment methods, including credit card (see also Credit Card Comparison: Find the Best Credit Card), Alipay, direct debit, Amazon Pay as well as Union Pay. Those who want to pay with PayPal can use Paddle. The offered payment option with cryptocurrencies allows users to pay completely anonymously with this service.

The provider became one of the most popular VPNs not least because of its huge network, reasonably high speed as well as secure encryption. The company also offers all the security features that users can expect from a good provider. These include, in particular, features such as kill switch, protection against DNS leaks, as well as not collecting log files.

The company also scores with several other features, which include obfuscated servers, P2P support, and double encryption. Furthermore, NordVPN proves in the test that it is ahead in the streaming field. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer can be easily unblocked with this provider.

NordVPN is available for all known operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS. In addition, there are numerous browser extensions such as for Firefox or Chrome. There is also a clear, easy-to-use app for Android, AndroidTV as well as iOS systems. Subscribers can use the VPN with up to six devices simultaneously. In addition, the provider offers 7/24 customer support via live chat.

The provider has an excellent price-performance ratio. A contract is possible for just a few euros per month. Users who are dissatisfied can make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee. The company also has attractive discount promotions on offer all the time.

How good is the customer support of NordVPN?

Contact with the company is via email or live chat. This can be dialed around the clock. Customers are connected with real people. Thereby, NordVPN offers a live chat that is available around the clock. Questions can be discussed via a bot in English. Those who have specific questions can also be connected to a real support employee in their language. The support team makes a friendly and competent impression. Problems are solved quickly and comprehensively.

Users who want to search for an answer themselves can look in the comprehensive knowledge base or read some helpful blog articles on the topic. The blog publishes articles on many interesting topics. These lead from setting up the service on the in-house router to solving connection problems on specific devices.

Are there any additional features of NordVPN?

The provider offers some additional features such as kill switch, DNS or IP leak protection, which gives users more security while surfing.

Kill Switch

The provider provides quite a few other security features. In addition to the option to select double VPN servers, this includes protection via kill switch. This automatically disconnects users from the Internet in the event of a VPN disconnection. Users have the option to set Kill Switch so that only specially selected apps or programs are stopped in case of a failure. The function is not enabled from the start. However, it can be easily turned on via the settings.

DNS and IP leak protection

DNS and IP leak protection is an additional feature for more security. Users can not only be sure that their IP address will remain hidden, but are equally insured against data leaks that can allow hackers to obtain personal information.


CyberSec is a handy feature that blocks pop-ups, advertisements and DDoS attacks. This protects customers from suspicious websites as well as malware.

Is NordVPN secure?

The provider has cleverly chosen its headquarters. At its location in Panama, NordVPN is not required to store any of its customers’ data. Therefore, the company can dispense with logging altogether. According to the privacy policy published on the website, neither IP addresses nor traffic logs or session information are stored. Likewise, no other data is collected. Exceptions to this are e-mail address and payment information. These are required for logging in as well as for payment.