Earn money with BTC sports betting

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If you want to earn some money online in addition to your salary, you have many options. If you believe a statistician, this is also possible with sports betting. A return of five percent is easily achievable. Given the current low interest rates, that sounds pretty unrealistic – or is it?

Many people know the challenge. You hump 40 hours or more a week and at the end of the month there’s not much left of your salary. While some try to tighten their belts or get a second job, others turn to the Internet. After all, there are supposed to be many opportunities there that you can earn some money online. And indeed, during the first Internet research, one comes across many interesting ideas. Some experts recommend starting a blog, for example, to make money with advertisements. Still others swear by e-commerce sites, i.e. their own online store. Would you like some more tips? Here is just a small selection: Write e-books, sell products on eBay or the Amazon marketplace, or become an influencer yourself.

However, all of the above-mentioned potential sources of income have one thing in common: they require a lot of effort. Anyone who wants to start a blog, for example, should be aware that they will have to create a lot of content there. This applies to an even greater extent to writing an e-book. And then you also have to find as many people as possible to read your own outpourings.

An influencer, on the other hand, should first build up a large fan base before he can even call himself an influencer. A few hundred followers or subscribers are by no means enough to attract the attention of paying customers. And the most important and challenging thing is that millions of people have read the same tips on how to make money online – and may act on them. So the competition is fierce in most niches, no matter how small.

  1. So just reading a few articles to then quickly make big money is not.
  2. Experts therefore advise that you should make your hobby your (side) profession.
  3. For example, if you love writing, writing blog articles or an entire e-book is less of a problem than for people who actually hate writing texts. And someone who knows a lot about fashion, for example, is likely to have more chances of success selling such products than a fashion hater.

sports betting with BTCUnderstand the principle? Sure! In principle, thanks to the Internet, you can sell any hobby. Even if it’s just by offering services via corresponding platforms. You like to play the guitar? Why don’t you teach someone, either in person, via a blog or e-book or learning video on YouTube? Do you like to hike? Share your favorite sites, photograph favorite places, or host guided hikes – why not do it remotely via livestream. Always better than collecting bottles, right?

And now we come to the actual topic

Because of course you can live out your passion as a sports fan AND earn some money in the process. You don’t even have to go to the stadium or to every training session of your favorite team. In view of the many spectator exclusions due to the corona virus, this is not necessarily recommended at the moment anyway. What you need is a good provider, compare [1] them before!

But you should be very familiar with the sport, for example soccer [2], with which you want to earn a few euros extra. Then it is even possible to achieve an annual return of five percent and more. There some savings book owners now surely with the ears flap. If one believes the statistics professional Michael Monka, which researches to victory chances with sport bets, then exactly that is possible, if one holds to some its pieces of advice.

Higher chances with single bets

Thus the expert advises in an interview with the newspaper the world to do without combination bets – even if these entice with the highest ratios. Single bets are more promising in the long run. And still higher profit chances with sport bet offerers such as Stake [3] would bring bets on the total number of the goals. It pays off to be able to assess the offensive and defensive capabilities of the respective teams. Also read our article [4] about the advantages and disatvantages of cryptocurrency betting. And if you want to learn about other ways to make money with BTC, consider to use a bitcoin bot [5].

How important are casinos to the economy?

Anyone who thinks about the economy will only quite rarely include the terms “gambling,” “casino,” “lottery” or “casino” in their considerations. However, these areas have a not inconsiderable significance in economic terms. After all, the gambling market in Germany generated revenues of 46.3 billion euros in 2018, of which 5.4 billion euros flowed to the state as gambling-related revenues.

How do these revenues break down?

On the one hand, we have the classic gaming operations. The state-owned casinos generate around EUR 900 million of the total revenue. A much higher amount, around 7.6 billion euros, is generated by revenues from the German Toto and Lotto block. The largest share of sales is generated by slot machines in arcades and pubs, an impressive 29.69 billion euros. But a lot of money is also spent on online casino games in Germany, with around 2 billion euros.

Economic significance of gambling

BTC casinosThe fact that there is an economic interest here and also a corresponding status has been achieved can be seen, among other things, in the type and amount of advertising that is done for gambling. The perimeter advertising of various betting providers in soccer stadiums has been known for a long time. Jersey advertising is also frequently placed. Especially in the case of games that are broadcast on television, one can imagine the amounts that are used for advertising here.

And spots for betting providers and online casinos in general have also made their way into television advertising. If you consider that a 20-second commercial at prime time costs between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, depending on the station, then you can quickly extrapolate how much it costs the provider in advertising budget when a celebrity like HP Baxxter uses his hyper to draw attention to an online casino.

One major advertising campaign by a betting provider even enlisted several big names. When soccer stars like Stefan Effenberg, Diego Maradona, Cafu and Vicente del Bosque are booked together with swimming star Franziska van Almsick for a campaign, you can imagine that they don’t give their names away for petty cash. Of course, such high advertising budgets are only worthwhile if the sales are correspondingly high.

As already mentioned, in the German Lotto and Toto block about 7.6 billion euro are converted. Of this turnover, around 50 percent is distributed again as winnings. These winnings are not subject to taxation, so the state earns nothing here. One must know however that the state collected here already 1.52 billion, thus 20 per cent, at taxes, before also only one ball into the drawing drum fell. But the state also benefits from the money that is neither distributed as profit nor paid out as tax. These amounts flow into the state budgets and are used here for culture, charitable projects, sports, and environmental and monument protection.

But the state could earn much more. And it would do so if a uniform legal regulation for online gambling were finally created. This revenue from the unregulated sector is simply lost to the state. A nationwide licensing and legalization of gambling can hopefully remedy this situation from July 2021.

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