SpartanCoin Simple API Request - SpartanCoin

SpartanCoin Blockchain Simple API Request - SpartanCoin

Why is it a simple API request but not a full API request?

This API request is only for you to fetch SpartanCoin basic information online. If it is a full API request, it will be a block explorer.


The command should exactly match without extra str, otherwise the API will refuse and return nothing.

Such as circulating_supply, the exactly match request URL should be:


API Command

circulating_supply - return a text/plain number indicating the SpartanCoin Current Circulating Supply (How Much Mined SPN).

getblockcount - return a text/plain integer number indicating the block count (last block index).

getdifficulty - return a text/plain float number indicating the current difficulty.

getinfo - return an application/json value showing the information, which contains the version info. This is the lite version of getinfo, as other information would not be shown to leak the server status.


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