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About SpartanCoin

• SpartanCoin

• SpartanCoin Specification

Name: SpartanCoin

Token: SPN

Block Time: 120 seconds

Difficulty Retarget: Every Block Using Kimoto Gravity Well

Algorithm: SCRYPT

Block Reward: 37500 SPN

• SpartanCoin History

SpartanCoin Developers Announce SpartanCoin Feb. 28, 2014 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets 1.1.2 by SpartanCoin Developers ??? Feb. 28, 2014 ??? Link
xjail-spartancoin-project-announcement June 24, 2017 Link
SpartanCoin-OpenSSL-1.1.1 Wallets by SpartanCoin Xjail Jan. 14, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Xjail Announces to Take Over SpartanCoin March 11, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets 1.2 by SpartanCoin Xjail March 31, 2019 Link
(Xjail) SpartanCoin Home is migrating from spartancoin.tiv.cc to a TLD domain spartancoin.ooo May 27, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets Windows by spartancoin.ooo May 29, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets by spartancoin.ooo June 03, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets by spartancoin.ooo July 01, 2019 Link
SpartanCoin Wallets and an adopted new logo by spartancoin.ooo January 14, 2020 Link

• SpartanCoin Xjail

SpartanCoin Xjail has taken over SpartanCoin. Make our progress gradually, little by little, step by step.

SpartanCoin Xjail releases SpartanCoin wallets currently. Start now, Improve in future, Enhance in the future, Make better SpartanCoin Step by Step.

Good works are not one shot to achieve, but gradually to the top, so we work together, to let SpartanCoin be a successor.

SpartanCoin Xjail are the New SpartanCoin Developers.

• spartancoin.ooo

SpartanCoin Home migrates to a TLD domain spartancoin.ooo from spartancoin.tiv.cc.

SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi