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SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi

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SpartanCoin Specifications

Name: SpartanCoin

Ticker: SPN

Algorithm: Scrypt

Difficulty Retarget: Every Block

Current Block Reward: 18750

Reward Halving: 400000 Blocks

Circulating Supply: 62657681250 RealTime

Max Supply: 71717700000


[SpartanCoin] SpartanCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency flying on the Internet. One of SpartanCoin advantage is that the SpartanCoin block transaction is very fast only needs 120 seconds. Another advantage is that the difficulty retargets every block. The third advantage is the permissive and final fixed circulation which let you enter at any time. The SpartanCoin currency swap symbol is SPN. SpartanCoin

Getting Started SpartanCoin
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OOO SpartanCoin - the New SpartanCoin Developers and the New SpartanCoin Official.

[SpartanCoin Ticker: SPN] SpartanCoin - Ready for Games.

SpartanCoin - the Decentralized CryptoCurrency Flying on the Internet.

SpartanCoin - the Internet Freedom Coin, the Internet Crypto Currency.

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SpartanCoin: Ready For Games

Ready For Games

Embedding SpartanCoin Block Chain into your Games and Applications to benefit the Crypto Currency Online Financial.

SpartanCoin spatoshi


spatoshi is the minimalized currency swap unit of SpartanCoin to express super nano money atom unit.

spatoshi is also the technical impl.

spatoshi is also the SpartanCoin culture meme.

[SpartanCoin spatoshi] spatoshi should all lowercase if you agree.

SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi